Civil Engineering(60 seats):

The demand for well trained professionals in Civil Engineering is obvious, omnipresent and ever increasing. The department with its vibrant and dynamic faculty Civil Engineering department serves as one of the pioneering departments of the institution.

St. Thomas College of Engineering and Technology is the first Engineering College in Kerala approved by AICTE for the Academic Year 2010-11 under the Co-Educational (General) Category. The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2010. At present the sanctioned intake is 60 with a provision of admitting six diploma holders in the third semester under Lateral Entry Scheme. Civil Engineering Department is furnished with an excellent infrastructure with qualified faculty, laboratories, testing machines and professional software aids. The department has a very efficient advisory system which always keeps very close teacher-parent-student relationship. The Department has been always in the forefront in taking up R&D initiatives and Industrial Consultancy assignments.  .

The department has well experienced faculty members who regularly updates their skills by attending and organizing refresher courses in their areas of specialization and has many publications in their credits.

The department provides add-on courses which will help the students to cope up the needs the current construction industry. We have organized a department association named “Association Of Civil Engineering Students” (ACES) which has a very active participation from students. Invited lectures by experts drawn from Industries and Academics are arranged regularly.


“Creating ethically strong technocrats to meet the demands of industry”


The department has the following Missions,


Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

The Civil Engineering program will produce graduates, who will, within a few years of graduation,

  1. To engage in problem solving using engineering principles to address the evolving needs of the society.
  2. To achieve success in positions in civil engineering practice or research, and in other fields they choose to pursue and enroll in advanced studies.
  3. To make  ethical  decisions  and  demonstrate  a  commitment  to  service  to  the Profession and society.
  4. To acquire  a  position  or  degree  that  values  adaptability  and  innovation  in  their work and to apply the concepts to solve the engineering problems in a scientific and systematic way.
  5. To pursue lifelong learning, and to be leaders, both in their chosen profession and in other activities and to appreciate the significance of team work and collaborations in designing, planning, and implementing solutions for practical problems and facilitate the networking with national research and academic organizations.



The department has the following laboratories

1. Strength of Materials Lab.

The objective of SM Lab is to demonstrate the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials to the students through a series of experiments.  In this lab, the experiments are performed to measure the various properties of the materials such as tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, impact strength, ductility etc and analyzes whether it confirms to the standards given by Bureau of Indian Standard Codes. The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated and expensive equipments like Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Brinell Hardness testing machine, Rockwell hardness testing machine, Impact testing machine etc.

2. Fluid Mechanics Lab.

A basic knowledge of Fluid mechanics is essential because they frequently come across a variety of problems involving flow of fluids such as in aerodynamics, force of fluid on structural surfaces etc. This lab helps to understand these physical processes more closely. Various apparatus available in the laboratory are Venturimeter, Orifice & mouth piece apparatus, Flow over notches apparatus, Pipe flow apparatus, Pumps (such as Pelton Wheel, Centrifugal Pump etc). 

3. Concrete Technology lab.

The testing and inspection of concrete and its constituents (such as cement, fine and coarse aggregates) are important for obtaining quality construction. The laboratory allows students to assess the various properties of fresh and hardened concrete since it affects the performance of concrete members. The equipments and apparatus available at the Concrete Technology Lab are Sieve Shaker, Compression Testing Machine (CTM), Compaction Factor Apparatus, Slump Test Apparatus, Vicat Apparatus etc. 

4. Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics) lab.

This lab helps the students in understanding the concept of geotechnical engineering in detail. The study of various properties of soil and its safe bearing capacity is a prime requisite for designing a proper foundation for the construction of roads, bridges etc. This lab consists of several equipments for testing the various parameters of soil like Direct Shear test, CBR test, Consolidation test, Unconfined Compression test, Permeability test, Consistency Limit tests etc.

5. Transportation Engineering Lab

For the design and construction of highways, it is required to carry out tests on construction materials for determining its properties. The prime objective of the different tests conducted in this lab is to study the pavement material such as Bitumen, Aggregates etc depending upon its physical and strength characteristics. The Bitumen testing machines, Penetration testing machine, Aggregate Impact testing machine, Los Angeles Abrasion testing machine, CBR testing machine etc are available in the Transportation laboratory.

6. Surveying lab

This outdoor lab enables students to understand and practice the basic principles of surveying by conducting field exercises using surveying equipments like dumpy levels, chains, compass, plane table and theodolites. This laboratory covers data collection methods including surveying, profile leveling, contouring, compass traversing, laying out of curves, base line measurement and triangulation. The students are given a chance to feel what Civil Engineering is and how to handle practical problems on surveying and levelling a field, which is an important process to be conducted before the starting up of any major civil engineering project. The lab is equipped with theodolite, dumpy levels, prismatic compass, plane table and chain with all accessories.

7. Environmental  Engineering lab

The Environmental Engineering laboratory is fully equipped to perform a wide range of biological and chemical analyses of water quality.  In this lab various tests on water samples are performed to determine the pH, Total dissolved solids, Bio chemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Turbidity, Hardness etc as per BIS standards. This helps in accessing the water quality standard of the region.

8. CADD Lab

Computer Aided Designing & Drafting laboratory is an important practical subject which the Civil Engineering students have to learn in their 6th semester. It provides a convenient mean to create drawings for almost every engineering discipline. This lab deals with the study of various distinctive features & tools used in AutoCAD and the use of this software in civil engineering is covered extensively.


9. Civil Engineering Workshop

          Civil Engineering Workshop is intended for 1st year students of various branches, a practical knowledge of various materials               and methodology used in construction of civil engineering structures are mainly dealt here. All the topics covered in theory                 papers of Introduction to Civil Engineering and Basics of Civil Engineering are made clearer through workshop. Necessary                   facilities are arranged for this in the lab.


Department Library

         In addition to the Central library there is a department library. Moreover it has a good collection of Text books, project reports,            seminar reports, different journals and technical magazines. 


Industrial Consultancy Centre (ICC)

         Department of Civil Engineering offers material testing and other technical consultancy services for various government and                  private organizations.


Industrial Training and Site Visits 

          Students of department of civil engineering has the opportunity to undergo industrial training  in  renowned industries and institutions in India like Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), Army Welfare Housing Organization (AWHO), Southern Railway; Kerala PWD; Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) and other renowned private companies etc. The department is also conducting industrial visits to India’s major construction sites like power plants, dams, cement factories, Major construction sites, Water treatment plants, Concrete Ready-mix plants etc.

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