Electrical & Electronics Engineering (60 seats):

Creativity has been the prime intension of engineers and the Electrical & Electronics Department is making all  its effort in this regard. The Department has not only the technical competence but also facilitated with all the modern euipments.The labs are well structured with modern machines and equipments with all protective provisions and measures.Also  help students to keep abrest with current developments in Electrical Engineering.

Vision of the Department:

Producing Electrical Engineers of high ethics for a sustainable tomorrow.

Mission of the Department:


Laboratories & Workshop

 Electrical & Electronics Workshop

In this lab students could familiarize with the basics of electrical engineering and electronics engineering. As the lab is equipped with AC/DC power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, solder/desolder stations, digital stopwatches, breadboards, digital multimeters and different types of wiring cables and many other electrical accessories, students could understand them clearly. In this lab students are able to familiarize with all basic electronic components and also they could study about different wiring circuits. The purpose of this lab is for familiarizing basic concepts of engineering circuit analysis, and to illustrate and reinforce these concepts and provide hands-on experience to the students. 

Electronic Circuits Lab

Integrated Electronics Laboratory is dedicated for under graduate studies. This lab provides the students with ‘hands-on’ experience in Analog System Design and Digital System Design, also this laboratory plays an important role in understanding and appreciating the concepts of electronic circuits.

Electrical Machines Lab

The electrical machines laboratory is equipped with DC machines like DC Motors, DC Generators etc and AC machines like Synchronous Motor, Alternator, Transformer, Induction Motor etc of both single phase and three phase types, industrial type synchronizing panel, etc., enabling our students to work in an industrial environment. The lab facilities are sufficient to conduct experiments as per University syllabus and much more relevant experiments. Electrical Machines Lab provides the students with experimental verification of the theoretical concepts studied in the two courses, AC Electrical Machines and DC Electrical machines along with its industrial applications.

Digital Circuits Lab

This lab provides the students with ‘hands-on’ experience in Digital System Design, also this laboratory plays an important role in understanding and appreciating the concepts and applications of digital electronics. This lab is equipped with training kits, IC testers, many logic gates, Universal gates and counters.

Measurements & Instrumentation Lab

This lab helps to equip the students with proper understanding of electrical measurements. This lab also helps the students to be aware of the precision and accuracy of different types of measuring instruments and measuring devices. The lab is equipped with a wide variety of measuring instruments and various transducers and instrumentation trainers, resistive, capacitive and inductive measurement systems, LVDTs and strain gauges, thermocouples and RTDs, Spot deflection Galvanometer, Wein-Bridge Oscillator and Wheatstone Bridge. The additional facilities in this lab are CT and PT and energy meter testing and calibration set up. The lab also contains many basic electrical variables and time measurement equipments such as frequency counters, digital stopwatches, digital multimeters, digital Anemometer, digital earth tester, electronic energy meter electronic standard cells and digital oscilloscopes.

Power Electronics Lab

The department of EEE is having a well equipped with Power Electronics laboratory which helps to study about the characteristics of different power electronic devices like SCR, TRIAC, power MOSFET, IGBT, Integrated Power Modules and Control Modules etc. It is also equipped with the Simulation Environment of MATLAB toolboxes.. These days’ power electronics find its application in almost all the fields of modern man. This shows the relevance to study about the power electronic components for the future engineers.

Microprocessor Lab

The department of EEE is having a well organised and well equipped microprocessor lab which helps the students undergo training, programming and also interfacing different microprocessors and micro-controllers. The facilities in the lab are 8085, 8086 and 8051 trainer kits. Simulation software like Matlab / Simulink are also available in this new generation lab set by the St. Thomas college of Engineering and Technology.

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News and Events

WIELY Reviewer Recognition for STC Faculty Member, Dr. P.JENOPUL

 Dr.P.JENOPAUL, Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ST.THOMAS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY,CHENGANUR  was honored with a commendation certificate

Department of Civil Engineering organized Workshop on “Future Technological Challenges in Civil Engineering” on 9th March 2017 for all CE students. The workshop was conducted by Dr.K.Abubaker, Former Technical Adviser to Minister of PWD.

Department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on “Water Conservation Methodology and Needs” by Er.Abraham Varghese,Executive Engineer,Kerala Water Authority on 9th March 2017 for all Civil Engineering students.

First Rank In B.Tech ,Sixth Semester Kerala University Examination

 Our Final Year Civil Engineering Student,Mr.Sanjay R Nair(Reg no 13433047)secured First Rank in S6 Kerala University Examinations scoring GPA of 9.79.Department of Civil Engineering Congratulate

Department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on “Building Information Modeling (BIM)” on 22nd March 2016 for S6 CE students in association with InterCAD Systems Private Limited, Thiruvananthapuram.

An Industry Interaction for Third and Final year Civil Engineering students was conducted on the topic “Institute to Industry” by Mr. Robert Rajasekharan, Deputy Manager, Railway SBG Transportation & Infrastructure IC, on 18th March, 2016

Department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on “Analysis and Design of steel structures using Tekla Structures” on 17th March 2016 for S8 CE students in association with Tekla Training Centre, Kochi.

Department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on “MEP, Civil QA/QC, NDT, Civil Quantity Surveying” on 15th March 2016 for S8 CE students in association with Core Institute of Technology,Kottayam.

Department of Civil Engineering conducted Add-on course on “Design of Earthquake resistant RCC multi storied frames-Design of Concrete Structures on 8th, 9th and 10th of March 2016 by Prof. Nirjhar Dhang, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Kharag

Department of Civil Engineering organized two day workshop on “Advanced Surveying Techniques using Total Station” on 26 & 27th February 2016 for S7 CE students in association with Logic survey Institute.