Mechanical Engineering(60 seats)

The pioneer and most popular branch of engineering . The courses have been designed in such a way that students get the necessary depth in the chosen area of specialization while absorbing the necessary back up knowledge so as  to maintain the required breadth in the general techonical knowledge with laboratory $ field level experience . Modern and well equipped mechanical lab is available with sufficiant machines and equipments



1.Basic Engineering Workshop

Quite often engineers are called upon to be part of design and fabrication of various items of day-to-day use. Familiarity with the common fabrication methods, use of hand tools and measuring equipments will be an advantage in this regard. Basic Engineering workshops provide hands on experience to the students in using hand tools and measuring instruments in trades like Fitting, Carpentry, Sheet metal, Foundry and Plumbing.

2.Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machiens Lab

Fluids like water, oil etc. have an important role in many areas of Engineering. Flow characteristics of fluid, transportation of fluids from place to place, power generation from fluids are some of the topics in which engineering needs to have knowledge to be successful in this area. With this objective Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab provides opportunity to study and conduct experiments on flow measuring devices, different types of pumping machineries like Reciprocating, Centrifugal and Gear pumps and power generating machines like Pelton Wheel, Francis and Kaplan Turbines.

3.Internal Combustion Engines Lab

Petrol, Diesel and Gas Engines are the major prime movers in the area of transportation and power generation. Petrol and Diesel Engines are so common in daily life, that knowledge about the working principles of them is a must for engineering. The I.C Engines Lab has test rigs to study and conduct experiments on common types of Petrol and Diesel Engines and also to study the characteristics of common fuels by conducting analysis tests on them.

4. Thermal Engineering Lab

Any country aspiring towards Industrial development cannot ignore the use of Thermal Energy involving generation, transmission and utilization. The Thermal Engineering lab aims at imparting students with an insight related to heat conduction, heat transfer, refrigeration etc. by conducting experiments on devices designed for the same.

5. Machine Tools Lab

Machine Tools are unavoidable set of machines in any plant engaged in Production / Manufacturing activity. Good knowledge regarding the diverse use of various Machine Tools and their operations will keep an engineer in high esteem on the production floor. In the Machine Tools lab, students are given opportunity to work on Lathes, Shaping Machines, Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Grinding Machines etc. Modern Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine and Robots are also available in this lab.

6. Metrology Lab

Precision and Accuracy are two key factors that determine the success of scientific or Industrial ventures. In the Metrology lab students are provided with opportunity to study and use precision instruments like Calipers, Vernier gauges, Optical devices, Tool makers Microscope, Auto Collimator etc.

7. CADD Lab

In these days much of the Design and Drafting activities are taken over by computers. Any Engineer working in the field of Research and Development, Design and Production must be familiar with the immense potential in the field of Computer Aided Design and Drafting. In the CADD lab, students are given training to design and draw using the various softwares available in this field like, ANSYS, CATIA etc. 

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 News/EEE/2.10.17: Congratulations!!! From the Management, Principal and Staff members to Mr. JITHIN THOMAS  and Mr. ASHIF AMEEN- students of S7 Electrical & Electronics Engine


 News/EEE/16.11.17: Congratulations!!! From the Management, Principal and Staff members to Mr. JITHIN THOMAS  and Mr. ASHIF AMEEN- students of S7 Electrical & Electronics Engin


 News/EEE/16.11.17: Congratulations!!! From the Management, Principal and Staff members to - Mr. ANIL KUMAR  and Mr. RUSSEL SAIN- students of S5 Electrical & Electronics Engine

Ethical Hacking Workshop 2K17

Two day workshop on " Ethical Hacking" Event Date : 3rd and 4th November 2017  Registration Fee : Rs.500 Venue: STC CSE Lab Brochure: Click here Registration: Closed    


 News/EEE/2. 10.17: Congratulations!!! from the Management,Principal and Staff members to,  Rahul kunjumon,and Russel sain -students of S5 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Depar

WIELY Reviewer Recognition for STC Faculty Member, Dr. P.JENOPUL

 Dr.P.JENOPAUL, Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ST.THOMAS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY,CHENGANUR  was honored with a commendation certificate

Department of Civil Engineering organized Workshop on “Future Technological Challenges in Civil Engineering” on 9th March 2017 for all CE students. The workshop was conducted by Dr.K.Abubaker, Former Technical Adviser to Minister of PWD.

Department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on “Water Conservation Methodology and Needs” by Er.Abraham Varghese,Executive Engineer,Kerala Water Authority on 9th March 2017 for all Civil Engineering students.

First Rank In B.Tech ,Sixth Semester Kerala University Examination

 Our Final Year Civil Engineering Student,Mr.Sanjay R Nair(Reg no 13433047)secured First Rank in S6 Kerala University Examinations scoring GPA of 9.79.Department of Civil Engineering Congratulate

Department of Civil Engineering organized a seminar on “Building Information Modeling (BIM)” on 22nd March 2016 for S6 CE students in association with InterCAD Systems Private Limited, Thiruvananthapuram.