Message from Principal

 “The future depends on what we do in the present” – Mahatma Gandhi


    Thank you for your interest in our Institution. St. Thomas College of Engineering & Technology is certainly a special place. With skill and dedication we have used education, research and enterprise to transform the lives of our students, our community and the world.

Choosing what to do after school is an exciting journey. It marks the beginning of a new stage in your life – one that is about discovery, living your passion and working towards realizing your dreams. It’s about understanding that you’re in the driver’s seat, determining your career path and traversing the options available to you. You’ll have some hard (but exciting) decisions to make. Where you want to study and what you want to learn might come first, but there’s so much more.

Many of the challenges the world currently faces – such as climate change, natural-resource depletion, food shortages, high end transportation and increased demands on energy – will be solved by engineers. Engineers have forged some of the greatest developments in modern society. Clean water, advances in medical equipment and the increased quality of food supplies are all a result of engineering. Engineers improve life for everyone on our planet. Engineers are creative, imaginative, analytical and technical, with excellent teamwork skills. They apply science to develop new technologies and improve existing ones. During your engineering study you experience a blend of practical, hands-on training and theoretical learning.

STCET is a leading engineering Institute, attracting outstanding academics and featuring world-class research facilities. We maintain a strong commitment in delivering our programs in a personalized learning environment with a student-centered approach. We are well known for our friendliness and ‘can do’ attitude. On graduation, you will be highly sought-after across many industries, known for your creative thinking, problem-solving and ability to excel in team-based environments.We are very proud of our students, who are highly regarded by employers and industry. As a result, we continue to experience high employment rates amongst our graduates.The Bachelor of Technology Degree at STCET is the smart choice for your engineering future.

If you are interested in expanding your professional horizons in an academically excellent environment, then I invite you to consider the study options offered by STCET and to take advantage of the opportunity to be part of one of Kerala’s most progressive Institution. I am pleased to invite you to learn and succeed at St. Thomas College of Engineering & Technology.


Dr. Santhosh Simon