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Campus Life

Co - Curricular Activities

The teaching- learning process is strengthened by various activities such as Industry Expert lectures, Industrial Visits, Workshops on recent technologies which provides exposure to students to real life practical aspects of engineering.

To familiarize the subject for faculties, faculty development workshops, technical seminars are conducted in the institution. To improve the teaching quality of the faculty, feedback system is implemented in the institute with a prescribed format.

Students can give feedback and comments about the lectures, and rating is given by the students to each teaching faculty. To improve the students quality continuous assessment is implemented which includes continuous evaluation of exams performance in assignments and oral dictations.

To improve the design skill, design projects are implemented by the university for fifth semester students and design and engineering for first year students. Students prepare small projects according to their course program and according to their quality of project they appear for technical competitions and festivals. University provides credits for such a contribution by the students.