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Basic Science and Humanities

Basic Science and Humanities Overview

The Basic Science & Humanities subjects are the foundation subjects for all the branches of engineering and technology. Department of Basic Science & Humanities imparts to build a firm base as part of the Engineering Education. The Department enhances knowledge in subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, and Engineering Chemistry etc. Well educated, talented and dedicated Faculty and Staff Members are the backbone of this department. Presently it consists of 6 faculties. The department encourages the faculty to attend seminars, workshops & conferences.

 The teaching module comprises of lectures, tutorials and practical along with various other initiatives. Faculty members perform the role of a perfect facilitator as Mentor to each section. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on the application of innovation strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and active interaction between teachers and students.

The purpose of inducing the subjects of Basic Science & Humanities in Engineering study is to lay a solid foundation of basic concepts for innovative future with limitless opportunities. Therefore, the department acts as an active catalyst to develop perfect approach to unlock their hidden talent, personality and communication skills to fulfill the needs of young engineers. The department provides safe, positive & intellectual learning environment. The aim of the faculty is to provide quality education to the student community by utilizing modern teaching aids. The strong basic foundation laid by the department helps the students to apply knowledge and to become a successful engineer. Engineering Chemistry laboratory & Engineering Physics laboratory are well equipped with major equipments and caters to the needs of the students.

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