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College hostel resembles a home away from home atmosphere. The college provides excellent, well furnished and comfortable hostel accommodation separately for outstation boys and girls with strict overall supervision of the Warden and Teaching staff.

Resident Tutors and Wardens of each hostel take care of adherence of discipline in the hostels. Current Hostel fee is Rs. 900/- per month (Room rent) and Rs. 130/- daily for food. The hostel fee regulates from time to time.

Gents / Ladies Hostel – Rules & Regulations

1. “Rules and Regulations” applicable to the college will also be applicable to the hostel.

2. The inmates should strictly follow the instruction of the Wardens and the Resident Tutors in charge of the hostel.

3. Students should enter the hostel before 6.30 P.M.

4. The Director, Principal and the Wardens will have the right to inspect the hostel at any time, round the clock.

5. Visiting Time: Sundays and Holidays – 10.00am to 6.00pm.

6. Only those visitors whose names are mentioned in the application form are permitted to visit the student. Additional visitors will be allowed only on the discretion of the warden.

7. Visitors are allowed to visit the students only at the Visiting Room.

8. The students should take utmost care while handling the furniture and the fittings of the college hostel. Anyone found causing damage will be charged with suitable fine.

9. Wastage of water and electricity is to be avoided at all times. All efforts are to be taken to preserve the scarce resources. All fans and lights are to be switched off and taps closed at all times, when not in use. Usage of extra electrical equipments is not permitted.

10. Inmates are not allowed to take any vehicle to the hostel.

11. Inmates shall remain in their allotted rooms after 9.00 pm and to maintain silence during the study time thereafter.

12. Inmates shall maintain their rooms in a neat and tidy manner at all time. They shall not to throw anything out through windows or in the verandah, but to deposit in the waste bins.

13. Possession and Consumption of Alcoholic beverages, pan masala, cigarettes etc are strictly prohibited.

14. Quarrelling, fighting, shouting using abusive and vulgar language etc are prohibited. Students should conduct themselves in a dignified manner at all times.

15. Usage of mobile phones is restricted between 07.00pm to 9.00 pm. Usage of camera phones is prohibited. Misuse will result in confiscation.

16. Promulgated T.V timing is to be strictly followed. The decision of the Warden will be final in this regard.

Absence from Hostel

1. Students are to stay in the hostel for the full year, and to pay the boarding charges in advance.

2. Inmates are not permitted to leave hostel overnight without the approval of the warden for valid reason in writing.

3. Hostellers wanted to proceed on leave should obtain the permission of their parents/guardian through Staff Advisors/ Wardens in advance clearly specifying destination, date of return, contact phone no. etc during leave period.

4. Girls’ students are not permitted to go home unless authorized by their parents/guardians in writing and confirmed by the wardens by rechecking.


1. Messing is compulsory for all inmates. Inmates are to eat the food in the dining hall only.

2. Mess charge is fixed at Rs. 130/- day at present. Liable to change with changes in market price.

3. No rebate will be allowed for absence up to three days. For more than three days Rs.10/- per day from 4th day onwards, subject to intimation to the Warden/Mess Manager 24 hrs in advance of commencement of leave.

4. Management have right to change menu based on availabilities of raw material and restrict quantity within reasonable limits.

5. All inmates are to strictly follow the promulgated mess timing and are to be dressed decently in the mess hall.

6. Hostellers should not to take day scholars/outsiders/visitors to mess hall and no to entertain day scholars with hostel food.

7. Hostellers shall follow “Queue” system while collecting food and to deposit the used plates and glasses in the designated counter.

8. All students should prevent food wastage at all times.

9. Hostellers should not indulge in any argument with the mess staff. They should make their complaints/ suggestions to the Hostel Warden/ Mess Supervisor in the complaint register.

10. Entry to food preparation area/ kitchen/provision store etc is strictly prohibited.

11. Plates, glasses, jugs etc are not to be carried out of the dining hall.

12. Packed/parcel food will not be served except when authorized by Warden for sick inmates.


STCET 24-hours India Overseas Bank ATM facility for students and staffs. Hostel students are able to use the ATM at any time within the campus premises.