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Research and Consultancy

 Centre for Research, Innovation & Consultancy (C-RIC)

Centre for Research, Innovation & Consultancy (C-RIC) which is a group of professionals, consultants & experts having been blended with great enthusiasm and proven records of commitments to the society as well as to the nation in engineering and associated fields.

The team is headed by Dr. KA Abubaker as Director who is having more than 50 years of industrial experience and former technical advisor to the Minister of KPWD and Prof. Harindranath, HOD CE as Coordinator.

The team consists of consultants in different fields, senior faculty members and Industrialists with rich experience. C-RIC assures Consultancy Services, with the most advanced technology & methodologies. We have established our marks in consultancy and assessment fields as high quality service oriented and reliable group.

The major Projects that we completed under C-RIC is the DPR preparation of 7 roads around 25 km for rebuilding the damaged roads due to the mega floods under the Rebuild Kerala Initiative-Local Self-Government department.

Another major project completed is the “Scrutiny of structural design of New Municipal office building proposed to be constructed in Koothattukulam Municipality under KIIFB”, which is having an estimated project cost of INR 7,77,60,000 with floor area of 1477.62 SQM.

 Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is the continuous assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic/non scholastic activities of a student during the course of studies.

CCE focus on holistic development of a student and assessment in scholastic and co-scholastic areas on and while learning.CCE also focus on bringing out the strengths and weaknesses of students and facilitating them to avail opportunities to improve their skills.

The Comprehensive elements of CCE take care of the assessment of all round development of the student's personality.

Objectives of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

  • To help develop cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills.
  • To lay emphasis on thought process and de-emphasise memorization.
  • It makes the process of teaching and learning a learner –centered activity.
  • To use the evaluation process for improving student's achievement through detection and correction.