St. Thomas College


The Board of Governance of the college consist of 17 Members including chairman and then secretary. The society is nominated six members. Nominated members included government representatives, AICTE, university representatives, Principal and faculty representatives etc.

The major policy decisions on the functioning of the college are taken by a 17-member Governing Body, whose members are:

Governing Body in Private Self Financing Engineering Colleges

Sl.No. Composition Nature of Selection Name
1. Chairman An Industrialist who is interested in the development of Technical Education to be nominated by the Trust/Society runs the Institution Er. Jose Thomas - Secretary, St. Thomas College Trust, Chairman, Governing body, STCET
2. One Member AICTE Nominee Dr. Ramesh Unnikrishnan - Advisor II, AICTE
3. One Member Syndicate Nominee of the University Dr. Vinodhkumar Jacob - Syndicate Member, KTU
4. One Member Academician or a Proficient Industrialist to be nominated by the Trust/Society Prof. POJ Lebba - Former Principal, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam
5. Two to Five Members To be nominated by the Registered Trust/ Society Rajesh Gopalakrishnan - General Manager, Cochin Shipyard Ltd. and CEO Hooghly Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Kolkata
6. Dr. Ajith Prabhu V - Chief Scientist and Head, TDPM Division, KSCSTE, Trivandrum
7. Rev. Fr. Alexander Thomas - Marthoma Church
8. Prof. Imthias M P - Educationalist and Industrialist
9. Prof. K K Kuruvila - Dy. Chief Engineer (Rtd.), Govt. of Kerala
10. Invitees To be nominated by the Registered Trust/ Society Dr. Judy Babu Thomas - President,St.Thomas College Trust
11. Jacob Thomas - Treasurer, St.Thomas College Trust
Dr. Mathew K - Educationalist
12. Adv. S. Krishnamoorthi - High court of Kerala (Leagal Advisor)
13. Jose George - STS & co. Chatrterd accountants, (Financial Advisor)
14. Secretary Principal Dr. Shajan Kuriakose - Principal STCET
15. Two Members Two Faculty members of the College to be nominated by the Registered Trust / Society in the case of Private self financing Engineering Colleges. Dr. Teena Joseph - HoD, CSE (AI) Dept, STCET
16. Prof. Sarath S - HoD, ME Dept, STCET