St. Thomas College


 College Council

The College Council shall consist of the Principal, the Head of Departments of each subject of study and elected members from the teaching staff. The Principal shall be the ex-officio President of the Council. The Council shall appoint one of the members as Secretary. The member so appointed shall hold office for one year but shall be eligible for re-election.

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 Academic Council

The final decision making body inside the institute for curriculum-related matters is the College Academic council. The institute has an academic council with representative from each department and Principal act as the head of the council. With regard to curriculum, the council holds the responsibility to take decisions on the college-level variable components to ensure that the curriculum is completely determined.

The council proposes plan of action to bridge identified gaps in the present curriculum in the form of conducting visiting faculty programs and or locally organized lectures and also ensures the internal test question paper quality by conducting scrutiny meetings for ensuring the proper coverage of course outcomes defined for the courses. The governing body gives the freedom and flexibility to the academic council to lead all academic activities of the college.

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 Students Council

A Students Council in a college is a group of elected and volunteer students working together with a faculty member within the framework of a constitution or bylaws to provide a means for student’s expressions and assistance in college affairs and activities, give opportunities for students experience in leadership and encourage student / faculty relations.

Student’s council helps to develop opportunities for leadership and service in the college and in the community and also increase students involvement in different activities in the college. The main objective of the student’s council is to develop student potential and encourage making a well-informed, honest, interested and active citizenship.

College Students Union